Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why can't I just be a Mum for a day... rather than a radical?

Why can't people who have handicapped children who are in wheels, just be able to pick up their kids just like everyone else?

Why can't people who are handicapped mentally or physically just enjoy Disneyland or other "magical" places like everyone else? Why did a few moronic corrupt people ruin the was magical experience and just add to the plate of the disabled parents life?

Why, can't every day be like the Saturday we just had? Our local CP association had their xmas bash and it was awesome, the dance-floor was filled with wheelchairs, walkers, canes and people holding the hands of their beloved with CP. The place was buzzing! and there was food and crafts and a photo booth and EVEN Santa came! No one made excuses for their child dribbling or rocking or jerking or anything as we all understand the other families without even having to say a word. Everyone could just relax and it was magic for me.

Just today, (we did have a snow storm at the beginning of the week),... and then when my husband took the kids in on the day the school board said it was open as usual, the "path" that the school board said that they put in just for us (total lie, the principal the Winter before we joined broke her ankle outside the school) so they put a path for HER temporary wheelchair!!! not for my son as this man from the school board was quoted saying in the paper.

Then! Then! the ramp wasn't even shovelled and the principle then had the audacity to imply that the kids should have been at home... when they sent an email saying school open as usual!!?!?!?!

Anyway that was all 2-3 days ago... today, I couldn't park anywhere, everywhere had 1-2 feet of snow like a wall... any able bodied person wouldn't even notice it as you'd just naturally step over it! can you get a wheelchair through that? no! can you lift a wheelchair over that? no! I was then 20 minutes late waiting and waiting for any space that looked like I could haul a stroller and then a wheelchair over... I can't use the field as that's covered in snow and so in the end I just went to get the kids and worry about getting the wheelchair back to my car afterwards... My friend's mom who cracked her skull outside the school one winter from lack of snow and ice management/removal... her husband offered to help lift the wheelchair (hes older than MY dad) and I was like, really really sweet of you but no...(so I'm about to burst into tears as I've just tried to walk into school to pick up my kids and can't) and now I have the people who need help themselves wanting to help me... as he'd just recovered from shingles and still not all better. I don't know from where, but a man about my age appeared and... was my wheelchair ANGEL! he lifted Oatie with me over the 2 foot wall of snow and the stroller too! A stranger, whom I've never met, I hugged... I can't believe a stranger was prepared to help me and Bashed him with the wheelchair when I slipped... helped me and our own children's school doesn't give a dime.

The school board won't return my calls, the principle on the phone was like what do you want me to do about it... she won't even verbally take a stand behind oatie, or push for the school board to do anything... nothing.. she doesn't care either. I now feel that that they want Oatie and his wheelchair to @-off... that is what I'm feeling.

I've met nicer people who were very angry with me.... ( when I worked at the airport and told them that the airline had overbooked their flight so they couldn't go on their dream vacation as they had planned and saved for 3 years for...)

So that's that. My kids principle has totally disgusted me, I can't believe that she was in a wheelchair for a month or so and can be so cold... and that she is a mother of multiple kids and doesn't even care that one of her pupils, can't even get in or out of the school... she doesn't even care. Why aren't people like this SACKED!

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