Sunday, November 17, 2013

Skate, Swim and Ski...

All of Oatie's activities are kicking in now... Oatie is swimming twice a week with his dad at lunch and then I'm his skating aid on Saturdays' where he is in Mainstream learn to skate programme and then after Christmas he ski's once a week in an 8 week programme!

Oatie has been doing great with his learning this year, but the school is failing him at present. He can get all his sums right etc and then mark his work as a ZERO just because of his penmanship isn't as good as a typical 6 year olds... its on par for the standard Doctor! lol!

One maths concept really annoyed me was him learning to count by two's from 0-10 he drew out the bounce by 2's and he forgot the 7 so it went 0,2,4,6,9,10 so he understood what was asked and the concept and yes I know the 9 should have been an 8... but, guess what mark he got? a big 0 ZERO! not a good try... some of his other sums have been marked incorrect when they were correct... and got a zero for that too! how is that helping him, how is that inspiring him to work hard? How is that good for anyone to build confidence!??!?

I'm annoyed to say the least!

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