Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting some sort of normality, whatever that is lol!

The Summer holidays are finally here! Finally! We were luckily that we were not flooded, however we have done food bank donations and the red cross let everyone down in my opinion, and so people collected food and articles for the flood victims ourselves and organised people with trailers to take the clothes to them.

According to the Red Cross, these people didn't need CLOTHES right now... however we found totally the opposite. Our friend who had the trailer was regularly asked by flood victims to rummage through the clothes to find something to wear for WORK. (according to the Red Cross) they didn't need clothes!

They needed clothes more than ever, as their homes are lying there valueless... lost all their possessions they've ever owned apart from the clothes on their back... they even lost their pets (if the pets couldn't swim).

Anyway after 2 weeks or more, finally the Red Cross came to "Help". They have taken over the rec centre and the Red Cross volunteers, have "private shower and sleeping facilities" and the flood victims are in a curling rink with no screens or privacy at all or darkness to sleep, what if they worked shifts!". When the evac centre (our rec centre) was run by volunteers just normal people in the community.... they didn't require private shower facilities... or private rooms...

My last beef about the red cross, when the community sorted out the flood victims, they took MONEY which could go anywhere in the world.... and local people wanted to help their neighbours etc.... and then how much of every dollar actually get to the intended recipient, there was a figure in the UK about 10-15 years ago it was 25p of every pound donated helped people.

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