Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oatie's new Wheelchair!

Here is Oatie's New Wheelchair, he was going to use it just for going on the school bus... but he likes steering it and having independence.... so I'm tempted to take it out shopping with us, so he can then go where he wants to go, (like his walker) but this way it won't damage his legs like he walker will.

We still want to follow the ABR route as much as possible and so I always pack the walker, so Oatie can see it and knows there is a "choice" but then for distance he's usually pushed in his stroller.

Wheelchair "driving" test... my older two make a variety of mini exercises for Oatie to practice this is just two of them. These are for 360o's so he can practice pushing and pulling.

There is a go down an incline and then stop... and a steering test too. All the kids had great fun :)


  1. And you could probably tell from the lack of SNOW that this was from August...

    And no! I am NOT tempted taking this out shopping with me... not unless I have "Jeff Capes" strength type of guy with me! (husband) lol!

  2. Please teach Oatie that if anyone is nasty or mean to him, he can run into their shins with the leg rests on the wheelchair; Adam and I have been known to do this on occasion...it's ok!


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