Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miserable gits...

Why are people just so blatantly miserable!  like seriously... they see someone like one of our special folk, who is willing to break the boundaries and defy "medical professionals predictions" and are some of the happiest people I know... ... and THEN their (Oatie for e.g) JOY draws out........this group of Bar-humbug people who I would like to group together and put them on "miserable mountain"

  • Their nose it out of joint because you are under 90 and they use a disabled parking badge as do we...... (they are busy taking down your plate number) or shout this isn't "toddler parking!!!" or "you shouldn't park here" my favourite line is.... "hey! lets have a walking race!!!" that makes them RUN lol!
  • You're in the pool with non special needs children of the same age...
    • Ohhh don't go near "him" (Oatie) you might catch it... Catch WHAT?!!!! - Happiness?
      • Ohh yes Happiness is an ILLNESS/DISEASE indeed!
  •  Parent and tot Skating...  (suits us as Oatie needs me to skate with him)
    • The other parents who are determined that their kid who can't even stand up on the ice (non physically challenged) is going to the NHL and this group lesson... which is parented class as the kids attending aren't "ready" to be brave to go without an adult with them... is SOOOOOOOOOOOOooo going to the NHL... and the fact that Oatie is there is a thorn in their side... Well GO and GET A LIFE MATEY!
Do you have any fun anecdotes with idiots?

Oh, and last bit of my rant... Skiing on Tuesday, and this woman about my age said... "I WISH I had one of those to sit in, and be pushed around and take it easy... he's so LUCKY!"

(Well Yes, Oatie was fortunate to have a Bi-Ski experience) I wouldn't call him having CP Lucky...and being unable to ski like 99% of the other skiers that day on their feet Lucky either... . and I'm sure that if it was possible he'd trade places with that woman wishing to "him" in a heartbeat.


  1. ugh, ugh, and ugh. . . At first I was just going to tell you to buy a good set of ear plugs but you would have to buy two pairs - a set for you and Oatie. And, then, I begin to feel the rage that Oatie has to see and hear these blatant examples of stupidity and prejudice. You are out and about so often that you are being slammed with one horrible example after another - the insensitive comments, the judgmental stares. . . When we are out with Adam (a rare event these days) what I notice most frequently is that people DO NOT PAY ATTENTION. He is invisible to them. They will pay attention to the dog on his lap but not look at Adam's handsome face. People can't get past the wheelchair, the contracted arms. Ugh, ugh, and ugh - Sending love by the way. Keep on being a mama bear!

  2. There are an abundance of mindless idiots in our world, especially in the manner which people view disability...makes you want to throw every profanity in your arsenal at them. They still probably wouldn't get it.

  3. Uggghhhh, I'm banging my head on my desk, can you hear it??? We were at this presentation and my son was acting out so we left to go to the OT room. As we're leaving I hear another mom hiss, "He's different, he has Autism, you know..." I didn't hear the rest but the way she said it made me feel dirty, like we had a VD or something. What gets me the most is the impact it has on my son. They're too busy making judgements to see his face. Sigh.

    PS--I'm super busy now---IEP is coming up on Friday, asthma's back and I'm exhausted. Will try FB and connecting soon. Muwwawah!!! Miss ya!


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