Friday, June 13, 2014

Go away Flu! Swiper please swipe it!

Yes, we've all come down with it, I battled on for an extra week before I finally came down with it.... (I was doing my good friend Phil's remedy of a good olde Scotch!!!) obviously I think I should have a bigger serving???

Oatie ASKED Swiper the fox to Swipe his illness away, He said Swiper Swipe NOSE... Swiper SWipe NOSE!!!

Anyway... Oatie missed his last skating lesson he was pretty devastated... the poor love, so we've promised to take him during the School holidays.

I have done something insane... I said to my parents that we would all fit for a 7 hour drive.... in a Dodge Grand Caravan.....

  • A sled

  • 6 pairs of skis and poles

  • 7 pairs of Ski Boots

  • A huge cool box....

  • Ski Gear for 7 people... hmmmmm

  • Clothes,etc....

  • AND.... 7 People!!!

  • AND...............maybe Oatie's Wheels!!!!!!!

What was I thinking??? but saying that when we lived in England we drove to Disneyland Paris with a 0,2,4 year old... all the baby paraphania... clothes travel potty's slings, 2 pushchairs all in a smaller car....

Yes the kids will all be wedged in the 3rd Row! lol!lol!lol!  Maybe I'll just take my apple ear buds (ROL Roar of laughter!!!).... hang on a minute they WON'T FIT!!!

WHO said that all this stuff would fit in my car.... (I did!!!)  Well worst case scenario everyone can wear their ski jackets and snowpants and we turn the heating off inside the car??? ROL!!! ROL!!!

Well yesterday we did pop by Santa, and Oatie just LOVED it this year, he told me all about the candy cane that he, his brother and sister got.

Tomorrow Oatie is going to the ELF workshop, to learn to be an ELF, he couldn't go last year because he was ill so he's very excited about tomorrow.

7 people, plus ski gear in a Dodge Grand Caravan.... ROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hey we should take pictures of our car if we fit it all in and send it to them for an advert...

Just going downstairs to laugh some more!


  1. I would prefer to see a video and then I would hear all of the grumbling, roars of laughter, squealing of delight. Sorry to hear about all of the sickness. I agree with Oatie - swipe it away! Happy Holidays, my friend

    Love, Sharon

  2. Thanks Sharon, you might get a video of the car lol! I forgot to mention the helmets! I have visions of us all wearing our ski helmets on the drive from the lack of space in the car! Still roaring of laughter and it's 5 am!

    Love you too xox


  3. I'm thinking a video would be great!!! I do hope you are feeling better and that flu is on it's way out the door.

    I can't imagine all that stuff in the car...maybe one of those things on top to store thing in may help??? I don't know....good luck and that's going to make for some good blog material!!!

  4. Don't forget to add a bit of honey, dash of ginger and some hot water to the scotch...3 times a day while forcing yourself to lounge in bed and also add ignoring everyone around you..


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